“Enrolling my children in Children’s Circle Montessori School is the best thing I could have done for both of them as a mother; it is simply the best start to early childhood education that any child would be very fortunate to be a part of.  All aspects of this facility are simply outstanding. First, all staff and teachers are loving and very caring; providing an extremely welcoming environment to students.  Ms. Mehar, Ms. Manpreet and Ms. Hannah are among the teachers my children interact with on a daily basis.  I have no words to describe just how incredible they are.  Moreover, Management is just as supportive, loving and caring where the well being of the children is concerned. Every time I have a concern about my children, it is addressed in a prompt, professional and thorough manner. The curriculum is excellent; providing all the necessary elements of a well rounded education. The school also recognizes the importance of a well balanced, nutritious diet and covers all the 5 food groups essential for the daily nourishment of children.  Extracurricular activities, from outdoor play to field trips, Music lessons and French lessons are all a bonus of this extraordinary facility.  I could not be happier that I chose Children’s Circle Montessori School as the start to my children’s education. I’ve heard that the first 5 years of a child’s life shape his or her entire life and I am extremely satisfied both my children will graduate from this facility at the age of 6.”

“We’d just like to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of our son over the past year and making the introduction to school for him such a great experience.  Daniela – thank you for taking the time to walk us through the process when we first enrolled our son into school.  We met many schools and found your school the most professional, organized and inviting. We also love that you know each and every student in the school which really shows you care.  Ms Hannah – thank you for meeting us and giving us an orientation of the school. We could see you are passionate for children and truly take pride in the well-being and success of the kids.  Ms Sapna – thank you for being there and taking care of all the administrative work.  You’ve been great in helping keep everything organized and making sure the little yet important things get done.  Ms Harleen, Ms. Ramanjeet and Ms. Dharshani – thank you for taking the time to meet with us and keeping an open communication with us. We appreciate everything you’ve done for our son, from planning, easing him back to sleep, blowing his nose (all year), changing his diaper, helping him through his tantrums, comforting and guiding him all of which help to build his character and personality.  He’s developed strong habits and social skills we never thought was possible so early in his years thanks to your consistency in teaching and guidance.  Taking care of 15 toddlers is no easy task, yet the three of you do it with such grace and ease. It’s apparent you all really love and care for the children which is so important for their development.  Please know that we are truly grateful for everything you’ve done in laying down the foundation for his education and development.   Please keep up with everything your school is doing, you’re doing great work for both the community and for our next generation and wish you the most success.”

“A very loving and welcoming school community that provides quality curriculum and care. My children are positively challenged daily, taught to take risks and have become more independent.”

“Best school in the area. Wish it was ’til Grade 5 at least. I don’t want to take my daughter out after (Casa Program). “

“Overall, excellent school. I would definitely recommend to other parents.”

“Wonderful learning environment for young minds. My children absolutely love it here and I know that they are in good hands.”

“We as parents are very happy and proud that our son is growing at your wonderful (school). Wonderful teachers, clean environment and feels like home.  Thank you for being AMAZING.”

“I couldn’t have found a better second home for my child. I rest at ease knowing my child is well taken care of. Teachers/staff are approachable, attentive and affectionate.”

“Overall, very pleased with the school, staff and curriculum. My son is excited and happy to go to school each day. Many thanks to his teachers and the staff.”

“It is so reassuring that our daughter receives quality care and comprehensive educational curriculum.  I will continue to recommend this facility and am a strong supporter of Montessori Philosophy.”

“We appreciate the hard work provided by the staff and administration in providing a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment.”

“CCMS has exceeded our expectations and we are so delighted to see great results in all aspects of learning demonstrated each day by our daughter. Thank you!”

“I can’t honestly say who was more nervous about the first day of Grade One, but I knew Children’s Circle Montessori School had equipped him with the tools to exceed academically and the confidence to navigate a new classroom, school and friends.I can happily report that the transition from Montessori to Public School was seamless. I was relieved and that Grade One report card was very happily celebrated”

“Our eldest started in the toddler program when the school first opened. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember handing him into the loving leadership of Ms. Harminder. I remember the graceful transition to Casa, under the thoughtful and considerate direction of Ms. Hannah and her team, he explored, grew and flourished. Last year, he graduated from Children’s Circle Montessori School and started Grade One. I will never really have the words to express my appreciation to his teachers.”

“Our daughter began attending CCMS when she was 18 months old and is now almost 5 years old.  While leaving your child to be cared for by people you don’t know is a scary experience for any parent, we have been completely confident in the care our daughter has received since attending CCMS. The staff are warm, and caring with the children.  The environment is clean and well maintained also.  In the toddler room our child learned to interact with other children, to play, and grew to love her time at school. While dropping her off initially began with tears, she now smiles and waves when she attends school and asks why we’re there so early when we pick her up!  We have even chose to keep her there for JK and SK seeing how much she is benefiting academically.  It has been a joy to see all that she has learned from her time at this Montessori and most importantly that she has been happy and healthy while learning. We know that CCMS has helped to prepare her for a successful transition to mainstream school.  Thank you CCMS for all that you do for our children!”

“I hesitate to name individual staff. There have been so many that have really gone out of their way to comfort and support my children and their education. Thank you. We are beyond grateful, for both educational teams that are working with our daughters and the previous toddler teachers as well.It’s in the little things and it feels like family. This year, our eldest daughter will also graduate and it will also be bittersweet.Children’s Circle Montessori School offers a truly comprehensive and rounded program. It’s the solid education, the field trips and that concert!I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my children’s favourite – “Nonna’s Pasta” which my kids regularly ask for at home…It’s has absolutely been the best choice for our three children.”

“Children’s Circle Montessori School has helped our daughter gain a real sense of self-confidence. The curriculum allowed her to progress at her own pace with the right amount of guidance and encouragement. The staff are excellent and show a real sense of caring for our kids’ well-being. The cleanliness in the school is beyond compare and the playground is quite large allowing for ample outdoor exercise. The best part is that they make our family feel like we’re a part of theirs.”

“Children’s Circle Montessori School meets and exceeds our expectations.  We receive fantastic feedback on our child’s progress in between report cards”.

“We were so pleased with the progress our son made while attending Children’s Circle Montessori School. He learned several things but most importantly values that he will carry with him throughout his lifetime! The teachers really care and all the staff are super friendly.”

“Thank you for all that you do. We couldn’t be happier with the care that our daughter receives every day.  All staff we have encountered is professional and friendly.  Our daughter loves music class. She looks forward to every piano lesson. Thank you for creating a fun music program.”

“Extremely happy to be sending my child to Children’s Circle Montessori School; the staff is very professional and friendly. The classrooms are kept to the cleanest standards. The quality of care for the children is like the staff members are caring for their own children.”

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the changes in our son in the 4 months he has been at Children’s Circle Montessori School.  We love that he looks forward to going to school, he loves his teachers and his classmates.”

“Like other parents, I was not ready to send my little one to Montessori. 3 months down the lane and I am happy that I did. My little one loves Children’s Circle Montessori School.”

“I am amazed with the things my kids learn.  The kids are well-informed about a variety of topics beyond curriculum. I am extremely happy with the learning; hats off!”

“All teachers are qualified and professional. Classrooms and washrooms are immaculate.”

“Curriculum continually exceeds expectations on a daily basis. The quality of care exceeds expectations, it’s outstanding. There is a true love for the students from the staff. Always impressed by how clean the facility is with all those little ones. I am very pleased with the variety of foods served. Love all the special activities; really adds another dimension to the program.  Prompt communication takes the worry out.”

“Children’s Circle Montessori School is the only child care centre I advise parents to.  They continue to surpass and exceed expectations and my child comes home happy, clean and well-fed and with something new to share each day. I wish she could stay forever.”

“I have been with Children’s Circle Montessori School from the day it opened its door.  I feel very secure sending my kids to this school. They are excellent with the kids, their safety and, most of all, exposing them to unlimited opportunities.”

“Children’s Circle Montessori School is an excellent environment for young minds to thrive.”

“My daughter loves Children’s Circle Montessori School and I see so much progress in her learning. Her teachers are very caring and wonderful.”

“The quality of curriculum exceeds our expectations.  The music program is great. The parent/teacher interviews explain my child’s progress very well. The meals are very well-balanced. The administration is very organized and professional.”

“My husband and I are extremely happy with our daughter’s progress since she has started with Children’s Circle Montessori School; that’s because of her amazing and loving teachers and great directors. Thank you.”

“L. attended Children’s Circle Montessori School from September 2013 to June 2015. While L. was there she experienced a great deal that she would not have had she been in a regular daycare facility. For this we would like to thank the school, Leah’s teachers and the directors of the school.  From the first day when she was just 18 months old and every day thereafter, L. was taught and learned how to sit down properly for meals and snacks, to interact with other children appropriately and politely, to develop a sensorial appreciation of physical objects, to listen and participate in story time, to engage in activities both inside and outside the classroom, to follow music and to sing, to speak words and numbers in French, to count, and to develop her imagination through books, play, and activities.  We are unreserved in our appreciation of the school and its staff.  The classrooms are large, spacious, well lit, clean, and organized, and the staff is attentive, devoted, caring, and professional.  For L., there could not have been a better school, and in fact we wish all Montessori schools were this good.”


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